Monday, March 5, 2012

March 10 - 17, Dental & Medical Trip

"Do not be afraid nor discouraged. The Lord goes before you and is with you always." 
Deut. 31:8

On March 10 a team will be traveling to Haiti to serve the least among us.  Members of this team joined together this past Sunday to prepare for this trip both physically and mentally.  The "packing" pictures can be viewed on Facebook, which showcases the effort already put into this trip.  God's hand is upon these people and we pray His provision will guide each of them during their journey to and from Haiti.  This team will provide thousands of Haitians with dental and medical services, many of which will be the first ever received.  Five days of mobile clinics will be offered during their journey, in addition to fluoride treatment programs for education and prevention.  Dr. Jeanne Fourrier Eggart, President of CHAP, has faithfully traveled with groups to Haiti since 1996.  Please keep these 14 courageous people in your prayers prior, during, and after this trip! Haiti is a country filled with blessings to offer this team and we look forward to welcoming them home safely on March 17th.  Pictures, videos, and stories will follow on our Facebook page and this blog.  Thank you so much for offering your gifts of love to the Christian Haitian American Partnership!



Thank you, Nathalie Valdema, for creating this brochure! 
All of your energy, and enthusiasm will help spread the work of CHAP!
Most importantly, as we work through this foundation, let us all remember that we are serving the Lord and what we do for the least of our 
brothers and sisters, we do for Him! Mat. 25:40

Friday, October 14, 2011

Activated! Go explore!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Christian Haitian American Partnership is honored and blessed to announce the launch of our new website! Through the talents and favor of Pierre Valdema, a senior Computer Science major at Coastal Carolina University, we have received an updated design to our former website.  Please allow yourself time to visit all the exciting elements of the new site!  A link is available to our Facebook, so add us today and invite your friends! News and updates are posted regularly and comments are always welcome!  The new site is entertaining and informative, so follow the link and enjoy learning about the history of CHAP and become part of our future!

"I'll tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

Click here and explore!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pillowcase Blessing

Whether you shop on Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue or garage sales and thrift stores, the basic essentials of clothing are readily assessable for most Americans.  Getting dressed for most of us is a daily routine that we take for granted, but for others around the world that is not a reality.  Instead, it is merely a dream to dress in new or even clean clothes.  During our most recent trip to Haiti, this dream became a reality for several people. Through the blessings of a talented patient seen by Dr. Jeanne Fourrier in Surfside Beach, SC, new clothes were provided.

Her patient uses pillowcases to create one-of-a-kind dresses, shorts, shirts, and hats.  Her talent to sew these beautiful pieces allowed us to bless a few Haitians with clean clothes.  The joys that these gifts brought to their lives were priceless.  As the children lined up to receive their new clothes their ecstatic expressions were amazing and fun to witness.  Imagine receiving something new for the first time in your entire life... We witnessed one girl who was so thankful, excited, and protective of her new dress that she tucked it away between her legs as she continued to walk in order to save and cherish her new possession.  Most could not delay wearing theirs, though, and proudly posed for the camera.

These gifts may have been the first and last new possessions they will ever receive.  Take a minute to think about that... Just 1 new thing in life! Through the generous blessings of your time and talents, you can impact someone in Haiti.  Most importantly, we can offer our prayers for them because ultimately no possession has the power that God has to fulfill the desires of our hearts.  Like Dr. Fourrier said, these people are so materially poor but they are spiritually rich.  We can learn from this in order to maintain our focus on what truly matters in life.  Live humbly, remain thankful, and always remember it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Haiti Trip: March 5-11, 2011

On March 5th, 2011 my life was blessed through an experience that would initially last for a week, but ultimately will now last for a lifetime.  As a 23 year old American citizen and recent College of Charleston graduate, my life has been blessed with luxuries that often times are taken for granted.  Education, clean water, adequate shelter, medical services, law enforcement... All of these are provided for us in the United States for the most part to the extent that many of us cannot grasp how blessed we truly are.  Traveling to Haiti on March 5th impacted my life in ways that has developed my understand and appreciation for the blessing I receive.  More importantly, traveling to Haiti and immersing myself in the Haitian culture helped me understand that "It is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35.  The intriguing aspect of the trip for me was that although Haiti suffered a massive earthquake on January 12th, 2010, the people are thriving and exponential progress is being made.  Amazingly, through the power of prayer and determination, Haiti is receiving the blessings of help and support from dedicated brothers and sister in Christ.  The qualities of life that I previously mentioned that often times we take for granted are being restored or implemented into their country.  Through scholarships like the ones supported through CHAP, education is possible.  Through Rotary, Rotary International, and Water Works, clean water is being supplied.  Through mission teams and organizations like Habitat for Humanity, shelter is being provided.  Through medical missions and charitable donations like the ones CHAP organizes, medical services are being offered.  Through the United States military services and the United Nations, law enforcement is in place to ensure peaceful existence.  All of these would not be possible without your prayers, charitable giving (time, money, energy) and love for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  During my trip to Haiti (which was my 1st) I saw incredible improvements like solar-powered units in a tent city, "Tuff Tanks" in remote villages that allow sunlight to heat water to provide warm water at night, children brushing their teeth for the first time thanks to Colgate's generous donation of tooth-brushes and -paste.  Another powerful moment during the trip was attending church on Sunday (March 6th, 2011) and watching spirit-filled Christians praise and worship the Glory of God.  It was simply amazing and truly inspiring to watch a congregation continue to lift their praises to God after having experienced such pain and suffering.  Their love, passion, and commitment is unconditional, just as the Bible teaches us. Dr. Jeanne Fourrier once commented that we have so much to learn from the Haitian people because they are so materially poor, but so spiritually rich.  Often times, our American culture provides opportunities for us to be exactly the opposite.  This trip has influenced my life in ways only possible through meeting my brothers and sisters in Haiti and experiencing their culture and lifestyle.  John 15:13 encourages us to lay down our own needs and life for other people.  By fulfilling the commandment in John 15:17, “love each other,“ our lives will be blessed and rewarded through God's Favor.  We must live to love, and it is then that we will love to live.

For anyone who is considering traveling to Haiti, I am willing to talk with you about my experience more thoroughly and answer any questions that you and/or your loved ones may have.  Truly, if you are lead to this experience, just give it up to God and go!  He is all the comfort, protection, and grace you will need.  Although bug spray and a "Prestige" will be essential, too!

Please feel free to e-mail me @, visit, follow this blog, and add "C H A P" (space between each letter) on Facebook.  Thank you for your support!

We serve a God of excellence, so continue in your journey to be excellent! We are brothers and sisters in Christ, so go forth and serve your brethren.

Love and Prayers,
Joseph, CHAP

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