Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pillowcase Blessing

Whether you shop on Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue or garage sales and thrift stores, the basic essentials of clothing are readily assessable for most Americans.  Getting dressed for most of us is a daily routine that we take for granted, but for others around the world that is not a reality.  Instead, it is merely a dream to dress in new or even clean clothes.  During our most recent trip to Haiti, this dream became a reality for several people. Through the blessings of a talented patient seen by Dr. Jeanne Fourrier in Surfside Beach, SC, new clothes were provided.

Her patient uses pillowcases to create one-of-a-kind dresses, shorts, shirts, and hats.  Her talent to sew these beautiful pieces allowed us to bless a few Haitians with clean clothes.  The joys that these gifts brought to their lives were priceless.  As the children lined up to receive their new clothes their ecstatic expressions were amazing and fun to witness.  Imagine receiving something new for the first time in your entire life... We witnessed one girl who was so thankful, excited, and protective of her new dress that she tucked it away between her legs as she continued to walk in order to save and cherish her new possession.  Most could not delay wearing theirs, though, and proudly posed for the camera.

These gifts may have been the first and last new possessions they will ever receive.  Take a minute to think about that... Just 1 new thing in life! Through the generous blessings of your time and talents, you can impact someone in Haiti.  Most importantly, we can offer our prayers for them because ultimately no possession has the power that God has to fulfill the desires of our hearts.  Like Dr. Fourrier said, these people are so materially poor but they are spiritually rich.  We can learn from this in order to maintain our focus on what truly matters in life.  Live humbly, remain thankful, and always remember it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

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  1. I am so thnkful that individuals are using their talents in such a way as this. The country of Haiti has experienced a tremendously challenging history on all account whether it is economically, politically, environmentally, ect. I am deeply concerned for the children that are brought into this country without the knowledge or foresight of where they are and the conditions they will be raised in. It is through opportunities like this that we can influence their lives in a way that will inspire them and give them the assurance that the will be provided for even in the hardest of times. There is a similar organization that has an outreach program setup to offer pillowcase clothing,

    I am inspired and pleasantly entertained to see such amazing work being done for others in need. It is important to remember that they Haitian people have plenty to offer, the greatest of all things is love. It is a humbling experience to provide something like these clothes for people who appreciate more than the average American can comprehend.

    IDS 398 - CCU